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How to Configure ReportViewer for Remote Processing

To configure a ReportViewer control for remote processing, specify a server report to use with the control. Follow these steps to select a server report:

  1. Add the ReportViewer control from the Data section of the Toolbox to the form or Web page in your project.
  2. In the ReportViewer Tasks smart tags panel, in Choose Report, select Server Report.
  3. In the Report Server text box, type the report server URL. The default URL syntax is http://localhost/reportserver. The actual URL that is used in your installation might be different depending on how the report server virtual directory settings are configured.
  4. In the Report Path text box, type the fully qualified path of a published report. The report path must start with a forward slash ( / ). The path must not include report URL parameters. The path consists of folders in the report server folder namespace and the name of the report. For example, if you installed the SQL Server 2005 sample report Company Sales on your report server, the report path might be /AdventureWorks Sample Reports/Company Sales.
  5. Build or deploy the application to verify that the report appears correctly in your application. If you receive HTTP proxy errors, verify that the report server URL is correct. If you receive a compatibility error, confirm that the report server is a SQL Server 2005 instance.
  6. Select the ReportViewer control and open the Properties window.
  7. Set properties on the ReportViewer control to configure the report toolbar and run-time functionality. Use the reference documentation to learn about each property.

Taken from here.

Take a look at this page that explains rendering extentions. (= that what Reporting Service needs to convert a report to another format).

There is no conversion possible to word because there is no default rendering extention and I’m not sure somebody wrote one.

At the bottom of the link they talk about writing your own rendering extention (but for word that won’t be easy).

Jadi, oh client-ku….

*kecuali anda mau bayar $899 untuk beli Aspose.Words for Reporting Services*

Reporting Services Review

September 9, 2007

Sudah beberapa bulan ini saya bekerja menggunakan Business Intelligence Visual Studio 2005. Yang saya pakai yaitu Report Server-nya, yang merupakan bawaan dari SQL Server 2005. Atau lebih dikenal dengan SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. Banyak positif n negatifnya selama saya pake tools ini. Jadi mari kita bahas mengenai Report Server ini.

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how to get the records of the last day of saveral months in SQL Server?

untuk yang tanggalnya range:
FROM <table>
WHERE <fieldDate> in
( select max(<fieldDateTwo>)
from <tableTwo>
<fieldDateTwo> between <@dateStart> And <@dateEnd>
group by year(
<fieldDateTwo>), month(<fieldDateTwo>)

untuk yg perTanggal:
declare @vOutputDate datetime
declare @pInputDate datetime
set @vOutputDate = cast(year(@pInputDate) as varchar(4)) + '/' + cast(month(@pInputDate) as varchar(2)) + '/01'
set @vOutputDate = dateadd(dd, -1, dateadd(m, 1, @vOutputDate))
select @vOutputDate

*tulisan ini saya buat sebagai pengingat untuk saya*
tapi mudah-mudahan jg berguna bagi yang lain 🙂