Jakarta di mata mereka

April 30, 2008

Jakarta’s nickname among expats is the Big Durian, and like its fruit namesake it’s a shock at first sight (and smell): a sweltering, steaming, heaving mass of some 10 million people packed into a vast urban sprawl, the contrast between the obscene wealth of Indonesia’s elite and the appalling poverty of the urban poor is incredible, with tinted-window BMWs turning left at the Gucci shop into muddy lanes full of begging street children and corrugated iron shacks. The city’s traffic is in perpetual gridlock, its polluted air is matched only by the smells of burning garbage and open sewers, and safety is a concern especially at night. There are few sights to speak of and most visitors transit as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind that rules and regulations are very rarely enforced in all aspects of life in Jakarta. This is not so much an encouragement for you, but an explanation on why many of its citizens act so haphazardly, particularly on the road.

All that said, while initially a bit overwhelming, if you can withstand the pollution and can afford to indulge in her charms, you can discover what is also one of Asia’s most exciting cities.

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5 Responses to “Jakarta di mata mereka”

  1. hanggadamai Says:

    jakarta isinya kebanyakan polusi 😦

  2. vivie Says:

    Padahal awalnya gw dah mau kagum ngeliat bahasa inggris lo yg meningkat pesat. Tapi ternyata “taken from”. Hhihihi

  3. sama seperti yang komen sebelum gw.

  4. tapi, emang sesuai judul toh….

    di mata mereka…

  5. Ady Says:

    Jakarta ooh Jakarta… Polution everywhere 😀

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